Tokyo: The Old, The New, and The Crazy

%E7%94%BB%E5%83%8F+011 Tokyo: The Old, The New, and The CrazyWell, the good news is that I’m starting to get used to Tokyo (and this keyboard). I can now board a train feeling confident that I will reach my destination, something I deemed nigh on impossible after my first night. After feasting on ramen last night, I headed for Ueno Park this morning, which ho%E7%94%BB%E5%83%8F+034 Tokyo: The Old, The New, and The Crazyuses a zoo, shrines, museums and a huge pond. I visited the Tokyo National Museum, where I played my own game of finding the oldest thing there. The winning object was an arrowhead from China, which dated back to 60,000 BC. I have a feeling it was a misprint.

%E7%94%BB%E5%83%8F+016 Tokyo: The Old, The New, and The CrazyI then wandered through the park which was gorgeous. I contemplated for a scary moment hiring a boat on the lake (it looked fun) until I remembered who I was and that I didn’t row boats.

Maybe now is the time to discuss my freaky toilet experience. In the past I’ve seen the nice modern Japan%E7%94%BB%E5%83%8F+023 Tokyo: The Old, The New, and The Crazyese toilets, which have heated seats and give you a decent wash. Those toilets are common in Maccas, hostels, train stations etc. However, the more upmarket you get: welcome to the scary toilet. I have discovered this loo in a department store and the museum, and I am sure I have used it incorrectly. Well, what would you do?

%E7%94%BB%E5%83%8F+043 Tokyo: The Old, The New, and The CrazyBack to my day. I spent the afternoon in Asakusa, at Senso-ji. It was absolutely beautiful, and only in Japan would you see the path to a shrine lined with trinket shops. Of course, I spent ages there. Question for all you trivia buffs (I’m looking at you, Dad), why do shrines aand temples have the%E7%94%BB%E5%83%8F+065 Tokyo: The Old, The New, and The Crazy Nazi emblem all over it? It doesn’t seem quite right…

It starts to get dark really early here, so at about five o’clock my last stop was Electric Town, with %E7%94%BB%E5%83%8F+060 Tokyo: The Old, The New, and The Crazyits dizzying lights and hawkers everywhere. About an hour was enough!

Tomorrow I’m off to see Mount Fuji, or to Nakko, I’m yet to decide. First though I’m ready for a deep sleep on my extremely hard ‘bed’ – something I’m slowly getting used to!

6 Responses to Tokyo: The Old, The New, and The Crazy

  1. Anonymous February 8, 2007 at 12:06 PM #

    Oh am very happy to see pictures! That lake looked lovely, and yes – you don’t want to do a Bridget and fall in. Sounds like the Japanese ‘times square’ was different to what you expected?? I don’t wanna think about how I would’ve dealt with that scary toilet! Thats worse than being a bear at grumpy! hehe amev xx

  2. Kelsey February 8, 2007 at 12:16 PM #

    The only rowing you do is “row row row your boat on land”… I think the whole water thing would make it a bit tricky, visions of you swimming to shore whilst hanging onto backpack.
    The photos look great. Hope those feet aren’t getting too tired.
    Love Kelsey xx

  3. Magpie Groupie February 8, 2007 at 12:33 PM #

    Love the photos Cait and had a laugh over the toilets…..the things people do on holidays hey, even boat rides!Do those feet need the foot spa or a nice pedicure yet?

  4. Father Bear February 8, 2007 at 12:37 PM #

    Hi Caiteroo…..the swastika is considered a sacred symbol by Buddhists and Hindus. I love your photos. many more please! I played tennis tonight. You would have been proud of our first set: 6-1. However we proceeded to lose the next two 3-6, 1-6. I’m afraid I’m just not match fit! Enough of those rowing thoughts thankyou….the view will be just as nice from the shore, I’m sure. Loved hearing your voice tonight. You seem to be cramming a lot into your days.
    xx Father Bear

  5. Anonymous February 9, 2007 at 3:04 AM #

    Hi Caitlyn, your Dad is right for once about the swastika. It looks the same but parts I believe face the other way.Make sure you have a moss burger and cover it with wasabi! Jeff OLYM56

  6. Raelene February 9, 2007 at 10:56 AM #

    Hi Caitlyn

    WOW – your trip sure sounds fantastic. I’ll be sure to log in every so often and here all about your fabulous adventures.


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