The Olympic list

Since 2007, I have been visiting the globe’s Olympic sites. Sound strange? Well, I reckon it’s a good way to see the world. Here’s how I’ve gone so far. And apologies for my awkward selfies.

The Ancient Games – Olympia, Greece

I visited Olympia back in April 2007 and had a great overnight stay here. There’s a fantastic (although terribly looked after) museum as well as the site itself which takes a good half a day to walk around. The town of Olympia is also small, friendly, and a tacky Olympic souvenir lover’s paradise.

1 The Olympic list

Olympia, Greece in April 2007

1896 – Athens, Greece

The first modern Olympic stadium is in fantastic nick and right in downtown Athens. Even though it’s milennia newer than the ruins around it, it tends to fit in nicely with the feel of the city. I visited Athens in April 2007.

2 The Olympic list

Athens, Greece in April 2007.

1900 – Paris, France

This one’s a bit of a non-starter. The Paris Games were a bit lacking, to put it mildly; the Games were only a side event to the World Exhibition and the events went on for over six months! Events included an underwater obstacle course and even cricket! They didn’t even use a proper stadium, mainly just parks around the city.

1904 – St Louis, USA

I haven’t properly visited the venue of the 1904 Games, which were held at Washington University in St Louis. So I’ll have to return to St Louis soon. I did visit the city back in 1991, here’s a photo of my sister looking at Busch Stadium from the Arch.

3 The Olympic list

St Louis, USA in June, 1991.

1908 – London, UK

The only city to host the Games three times unfortunately only has two Olympic stadiums. White City Stadium, the venue for the 1908 Games, has since been demolished.

1912 – Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedes were the first ones to really get the Games on the world’s stage, so their stadium is a pretty good one. I visited in May 2007 and I was able to wander in. It was in terrific condition and looks pretty loved by the Swedes even today.

4 The Olympic list

Stockholm, Sweden in May 2007.

1920 – Antwerp, Belgium

This stadium, unsurprisingly, was probably the biggest let-down of all the Olympic stadiums. It was a shocker, completely hidden from the rest of the city and it looked very much abandoned (even though it was apparently renovated – badly – in 2000) back when I visited in May 2007. I really didn’t expect much, as the Games were haphazardly put together in the aftermath of WWI; the diving events were even held in the city’s moat.

5 The Olympic list

Antwerp, Belgium in May 2007.

1924 – Paris, France

The 1924 Games were held outside central Paris, in the lacklustre suburb of Colombes. When I visited in March 2007, the nearby train station attendant wasn’t even aware that Paris had hosted the Olympic Games before, let alone that the Olympic Stadium was in fact just down the road. A bit of a sad one, unfortunately. It looks a bit like Olympic Park in Melbourne.

6 The Olympic list

Paris, France in May 2007.

1928 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

I was delighted to see Amsterdam’s Olympic Stadium getting used when I visited back in May 2007. Hundreds of schoolkids were utilising the field, and although the stadium was small, it looked well taken care of and had a bit of personality. It also has a small museum, but it seemed to be solely in Dutch.


I wandered back into the Amsterdam Olympic Stadium on one of my frequent Amsterdam visits in October 2012. I didn’t get a selfie, you see (we just didn’t really do that thing back in 2007) so I snapped another – awkward looking – one. The hair-flicky thing was not intentional.

amsterdam olympic The Olympic list

Amsterdam, Netherlands in October 2012.

1932 – Los Angeles, USA

Although I’ve visited LA on two occasions, I haven’t made it out to the Coliseum. It’s definitely on the list!

1936 – Berlin, Germany

The Berlin Games were one of the most controversial in Olympic history, and its stadium is just as interesting. I spent a good half a day walking around the stadium back in May 2007 – it’s still very much in use, hosting the final of the football World Cup in 2006.

8 The Olympic list

Berlin, Germany in May 2007.

1948 – London, UK

Wembley Stadium had just finished getting a nice renovation when I visited in February 2007. I had a wander around the grounds and gave the impressive-looking stadium a big thumb’s up.

9 The Olympic list

London, UK in February 2007.

1952 – Helsinki, Finland

I didn’t expect much from Helsinki (I put it in the same basket with Antwerp, originally) but it sure delighted. I went up the tower alongside the stadium which gave a great view of the very green city. I even stayed in a hostel inside the stadium during my visit in June 2007. Now, how’s that for novelty value alone?

10 The Olympic list

Helsinki, Finland in June 2007.

1956 – Melbourne, Australia

Of course, the MCG has a huge soft spot for me and I don’t think you can beat it in terms of a massive, still-used and much-loved stadium. I am perhaps a bit biased, but I love my home city and our love of sport is reflected in our beloved MCG.

11 The Olympic list

Melbourne, Australia in December 2006.

1960 – Rome, Italy

Rome’s Olympic stadium was the first in which I saw a sports event during my travels. During my visit in April 2007, I watched AS Roma defeat Sampdoria, and I had a ball. The stadium was impressive, albeit underused, with Roman-y looking statues dotted throughout.

12 The Olympic list

Rome, Italy in April 2007.

1964 – Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo was my first stop on my solo backpacking adventure in February 2007, and I made sure I visited their Olympic Stadium. It was a bit of a tricky one to find, and has obviously seen better days, but the real highlight is the museum inside the stadium. The staff were wonderful, leading me into the stadium and letting me hold all of the Olympic torches. I had a great afternoon.

13 The Olympic list

Tokyo, Japan in February 2007.

1968 – Mexico City, Mexico

I haven’t yet been to Mexico but it’s on the list!

1972 – Munich, Germany

Munich’s Olympic Stadium is one of the best in terms of how well-preserved it is, and how integrated it is in the city. I checked it all out back in May 2007. It’s set in a park full of beer gardens and lakes, and the stadium itself looks as if it could have been built yesterday. If you’re tired of walking around it, you can even abseil from the roof to the turf.

14 The Olympic list

Munich, Germany in May 2007.

1976 – Montreal, Canada

Technically, I have been to the site of the 1976 Games, I’ve even been inside the venues. Unfortunately though, I have little recollection of this as I was all of six at the time. I’m not ticking it off by any means, so it can still remain on my list. The below pic, however, is of my aunty in front of the stadium, who was with me during the trip.

15 The Olympic list

Montreal, Canada in August 1991.

1980 – Moscow, USSR

I originally booked my plane ticket to Helsinki as a way of getting over to Moscow by train, but visas were too complicated to arrange on the road so I instead spent the time in Latvia and Estonia. Moscow is therefore still on my list. My cap has however been there.

16 The Olympic list

Moscow, Russia in August 2008.

1984 – Los Angeles, USA

The Coliseum hosted both the 1932 and 1984 Games, and it’s still on my list.

1988 – Seoul, South Korea

Visiting Seoul was one of my biggest challenges (I went via ferry from Japan) but very much worth it – I loved the city. The stadium and its museum were two metro stations apart from one another, and the humidity when I visited in July 2008 hovered at around the 95 per cent mark. I didn’t linger around the stadium, therefore, and spent a lovely afternoon inside the quirky museum.

17 The Olympic list

Seoul, South Korea in July 2008.

1992 – Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of my favourite cities in the world and its Olympic precinct didn’t disappoint. The only thing that did was the fact that its museum and the inside of the stadium, back in March 2007, were closed for renovations. Thankfully, the Montjuic area was worth a wander.


I went back to Barcelona’s stadium precinct in August 2012 and lo and behold, both the museum and the stadium were open!

299481 663778243102 739626710 n The Olympic list

Barcelona, Spain in August 2012.

1996 – Atlanta, USA

I’m going to need to plan some sort of LA – Mexico City – Atlanta trip to get things going in southern North America!

2000 – Sydney, Australia

This was the Olympics where I really fell in love with it all. My family went up to see the Games and I had an absolute ball, vowing to see all of the world’s Olympic sites. I’m getting there!

19 The Olympic list

Sydney, Australia in October 2000.

2004 – Athens, Greece

Even though the Athens Olympic site is only eight years old, it’s in a sorry state. When I visited in April 2007, only three years after it was held, temporary fencing was falling down, footpaths were cracked and rubbish was everywhere. Stick to the 1896 site – the 2004 site reminds you of Greece’s current woes a little too much.

20 The Olympic list

Athens, Greece in April 2007.

2008 – Beijing, China

The most impressive of the past Olympic sites is also the newest. The Bird’s Nest is amazing – completely unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and I’ve seen my fair share of stadiums. I visited in February 2008 when the stadium was nearly finished, and then again in January 2011 when the stadium had been temporarily converted into an icerink. As you do, but I was happy to see it being used.

22 The Olympic list

Beijing, China in January 2011.

2012 – London, United Kingdom

The 2012 Games were the second I visited in the flesh after Sydney. I had an absolute ball, seeing the judo, hockey, basketball, handball, diving and athletics inside the surprisingly magnificent stadium.

427477 656731459912 1313310240 n The Olympic list

London, United Kingdom in August 2012.

2016 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro’s doing it a bit differently in two years’ time, breaking with tradition and having the famous Maracana Stadium host the opening and closing ceremonies, while a quite-new-but-getting-its-roof-fixed stadium will host the athletics competition. I visited both on a rainy day in June 2014, during the World Cup.

IMG 4264 1024x764 The Olympic list

Outside the famous Maracana in June 2014.

DSC00023 1024x768 The Olympic list

Me and an umbrella outside the Estadio Olimpico Joao Havelange later that day.

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  1. Leanne Mansfield July 26, 2012 at 9:03 PM #

    ugh your Aunty is WEARING a scrunchie (said like Carrie Bradshaw).

    • Caitlyn O'Dowd July 26, 2012 at 9:11 PM #

      and she looks proud of it too!

  2. Karen O'Dowd July 28, 2012 at 12:20 AM #

    LOL when reviewing this link and saw Leanne and Amy. Glad your mother didn't have to get used although I have sat in the LA Olympic stadium…… Unfortunately before your time

  3. Edna November 26, 2012 at 11:47 PM #

    LOVE this list, obviously. I thought I was an Olympics fan but you really take it to another level. Also nice job on the site’s new look!
    Edna recently posted..I Love My Neighborhood: Malta’s SliemaMy Profile

    • Caitlyn November 27, 2012 at 12:26 PM #

      Thanks Edna! Yes, I am perhaps slightly obsessed… immensely jealous of your Olympics jobs though!

  4. Paul December 12, 2013 at 7:11 AM #

    Love your list, one day I hope to see them all too. Some of my pics are on my tumblr blog – houtexusa. I’ve been to every summer games since 1992 and I make sure the Olympic Stadium is part of my tour. I’ve also been inside the LA Coliseum and old Wembly sites and outside the Athens 1896, Mexico City and Melbourne sites.

    • Caitlyn December 12, 2013 at 10:29 AM #

      Fantastic! I’ll have to check out your tumblr. Still have to get to Mexico City, that’s a high one on my list. Are you planning to go to Rio next?

  5. Shaun December 15, 2013 at 8:23 PM #

    Hi Caitlyn, great list and idea. I may steal this idea for winter games sites! I am getting ready to head to my third winter games in a row and have been to many host cities over the years.

    Shaun recently posted..How to Make a Better CaesarMy Profile

    • Caitlyn December 15, 2013 at 11:01 PM #

      Good luck in Sochi Shaun! I’ve been to a few Winter sites (Calgary, Turin, Sarajevo and Innsbruck) but nothing like you, I’m sure :)

  6. Janelle May 21, 2014 at 2:39 PM #

    Hello Caitlyn,

    I am a new reader! I found your site via Dangerous Business:) What an awesome journey! I am saving up to go to Tokyo 2020 unless the USA gets the 2024 games, then I will save to watch it on home turf!

    • Caitlyn May 25, 2014 at 3:33 PM #

      Hi Janelle! Welcome :) Good luck with your savings, I’m hoping to get to Tokyo for the Games in 2020 too!

  7. Guy Pizzo July 25, 2015 at 8:10 AM #

    Hi, not quite as extensive as yours, but I have been to 12 Olympic Stadiums myself! The funny part is being from the United States I have yet been to St Louis or LA!


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