Sufficiently relaxed

I have no idea how, but a week has already gone by and tonight I leave Santorini. Yes, tonight – I’ve decided to brave two overnight ferries in three days, I must be mad.

There isn’t much to report, except for the fact that this little bunny wasn’t on the cruise ship that sank just down the road. In my opinion, why would anyone think that I was on that boat? It was a cruise ship, and over the past two months I’ve complained about the cost of everything from sitting in a park to the London Eye.

Anyway, I’ve lived in luxury the last two days – my own room, complete with kitchen, bathroom, balcony and BBC World. I’ve definitely been in dorms for too long, as when anyone walked down the corridor I was convinced they were about to barge in. I really don’t get this whole private room business. It’s definitely a whole new world.

I’ve spoken about eight words the past two days – basically when I was buying groceries and giving smart-mouth to a guy in a Brisbane guernsey. When you have a private room, I’ve realised, people tend to keep to themselves. The people are different, too; when I first arrived I was greeted with four blonde American girls stretched out in front of the pool, each with iPods on and each on their laptops. I kid you not. I wanted a picture.

If all the planets are aligned I will get to Olympic Mecca tomorrow – Olympia. That is, if I can get from the port to the train station in an hour (rush hour, mind you) in Athens in the morning. Greece has the worst rail system I’ve seen so far, so if I miss that train I won’t be able to get my connection by about ten minutes in Pyrgos. Thank goodness I’ve had a week to relax – a fortnight ago I’d be on tenderhooks. (What are tenderhooks by the way? I just liked the way it sounded…)

Gotta love Greece.


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