Rain, rain, go away…

To say my journey back to London was an adventure is a bit of an understatement. Truly, I am lucky to be here.

I have said many times that British Airways and National Express are evil twins. After six hours on a bouncy bus, a three hour long ferry journey with drunken Finns and half a day in Helsinki where everything was closed due to the Midsummer holiday I really wasn’t in the mood to hear that I wasn’t booked on my flight.

I had anticipated this – I had checked my e-ticket a few days before and it cheerfully told me that ‘all flights have been flown’ – obviously a lie. I fired off a quick email to the airline, as it loftily promised ‘instantaneous responses’ to all inquiries. Yet no reply.

By some miracle of nature they realised that it was them and not me who had screwed up somewhere, probably due to the myriad documents I have been carrying around for five months. At one stage I was in business class, until they of course found a seat way back in coach, next to the emergency exit and two middle-aged drunk Poms. Still have no idea why I was removed from all of the flights, although it was on June 19th when I was getting all hot and bothered in my Estonia sauna.

So, London. I had originally planned to head to the Oval to see a Twenty20 cricket match yesterday, but the rain forced me to re-jig the itinerary. I managed to see Greenwich and the Tate Modern – not much of the former as the rain never let up and I wasn’t in the mood to walk up a hill solely to put a foot on either side of a gold line, but plenty of the latter. If you ever are in London, I fully recommend the Tate Modern, even if you’re not an art fan. I was in there for over four hours, admittedly a lot of it was taken up by the excellent exhibition on the growth of cities but still.

Today I’m off to a couple more museums and a spot of shopping. Wimbledon was on the agenda, but I’ve had to move that to tomorrow as The Weather Channel advised me. Wishing and hoping and praying…

I just got an email in my inbox. From British Airways. Two days after my flight in question. Let’s see…

Dear Ms O’Dowd

I am sorry, we are unable to assist you by email with your reservations related query.

For assistance, please call our local sales office as only they have full access to your reservation details. Their contact details can be found on ba.com at:


Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

British Airways

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