Mad-Chester and Beatle-Mania

Much happier now. Didn’t really like Glasgow at all but happy to say that I’m not sworn off all leading cities in the Industrial Revolution, as I loved Manchester!

I couldn’t get out of Glasgow fast enough, and I even spent half my time there in the library. Did enjoy the museum though, which explored the histories of major world religions through both facts and art. Did also enjoy the scenery on the bus though, can see why all those Scots were disappointed with the brown-ness of Australia when they stepped off the boat – everywhere was green. It took me a while to realise the absence of any trees, really. Just lovely green hills everywhere.

Manchester was a strange sort of city, it had obviously been cleaned up enough for the Commonwealth Games in 2002. It was like everyone cleaned up as they were expecting visitors and kept it that way. Lovely Victorian buildings (look, I’m learning architecture) are surrounded by glassy high-rises. Even the shopping centre in the middle of the city looks like a work of art. It was simply a city that was easy to get lost in and discover, made easy by the tourist infrastructure (read: a free city bus and maps everywhere).

Yesterday I went to the home of ‘football’; Old Trafford. What a lie. Old Trafford wasn’t old at all, they should re-name it and reduce the confusion with Lancashire County Cricket Club’s ground down the road with the same name. At least THAT looks old.

The tour was a lot different to the one at Lord’s, they ran every ten minutes, rushed you through – look, Sir Alec Ferguson’s seat, here’s where they run out, this is there miniscule change room. ‘Twas good enough for me, as I didn’t know much and thankfully they didn’t assume we knew anything about soccer. What got me – they can fit 76,000 fans inside the ground. Two guys from Adelaide that I met and I were baffled. They must fit them in the carpark, we decided, as it looked not even half the size of the MCG.

Also went to the Museum of Science and Industry, which was kind of like Scienceworks. It was actually five museums in one, with a war museum and a rail museum, as the museum was built on the site of the first passenger railway station. It was a lot more fascinating than it sounds.

Went via planes, trains and automobiles to get to Liverpool this morning, not helped at all by the fact that everything tranport wise seems to either alter or shut down completely on Sundays. Including the shuttle bus I was so excited about only a day before, necessary as they just decided to change departure stations. In the end, I got to Liverpool and walked around town for an hour with my massive (and growing) backpack as I couldn’t find my hostel. Was very excited when I saw it though, as it is luxury compared with what I am now used to. I even have a bath and tonight we are having roast chicken!

Went to the much-famed Beatles Story this afternoon, and spent ages in there. They recreated a number of scenes, such as the Yellow Submarine and John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ room. Even saw his glasses. The Tate Gallery just next door continued on the Beatles theme, as the Liverpool exhibition had even some of Yoko Ono’s strange work. Still don’t really get modern art.

Off to Oxford tomorrow for some serious shopping and dreaming of where I would love to study…

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  1. Dean Rizzetti February 26, 2007 at 1:56 PM #




    sure Richmond….

    But collingwood

    hmmmmm I think I’m about to be mauled by your extended family.

  2. Magpie Groupie February 26, 2007 at 2:30 PM #

    Going to have to get the Glasgow low-down from my Scottish friend, Lesley! Surely it couldn’t have been that bad? Never thought I would hear you look forward to a Sunday-roast!!! That cricket tour sounds much better that the Lord’s one, I guess if you are going to go then ‘short and sharp’ is the preferred option. Enjoy your shopping and look out for bargains (hard to believe there are any in London!) Just finished watching the Oscar’s marathon…. the Queen, the Departed, a Dreamgirl and Ellen…. bring back Billy Crystal I say to liven things up

    ….. now time to maul Dean


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