J-Poppin’ and Harajuku spottin’

I spent ages detailing the rest of my journey to Tokyo in my journal, and I’ve just read over it. It’s just one long rant, really, so I’ll spare everyone the details. Let’s just say Qantas owes me big time.

I only have a couple of days in Tokyo on this trip, as I’m intending to see what else the country offers apart from its amazing capital. I had a couple of things I didn’t manage to see last time, Harajuku on a Sunday topping the list. Fortunately, when I walked into my hostel, I was greeted by two guys from Edmonton, a guy from London and another from Leeds, who were off to Harajuku and Yoyogi Park. I accepted their invitation to join them in a second.

Harajuku is famous for the ‘Harajuku girls’ made famous by Gwen Stefani. Basically, a whole lot of teenagers from suburban Tokyo hang around Omodote-sando (the main drag) in outreagous emo/goth etc clothing and makeup. Probably better than Harajuku was Yoyogi Park next door, which was full of entertainers – everything from punk rockers, to Grease’s T-Birds played up to the crowd. The best of all was a guy who simultaneously DJed, danced, and painted an audience member’s portrait. And the most amazing part about all of it? They weren’t buskers. None did it for money – it was just something they did every Sunday afternoon for fun. It was fun.

I just realised then, when thinking of all of the things I’ve so far eaten, that I’m yet to eat meat (save for Qantas). I’ve had okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake), my body weight in sushi, and plenty of rice concotions that I haven’t been able to identify. And drinks.

I’m probably averaging about four litres a day, I reckon. It’s so hot and humid here that you can practically drink the air. I’d packed incorrectly, I feel like I’m wearing a Driza Bone around. Everyone carries fans around with them – no, not electric ones, but rather quaint little ones you see in Jane Austen movie adaptations. Even the T-Bird dudes had them, tats and all.

I’m in Seoul now, where I’ll be for the next three days. Yep, that’s right – I’m getting ready to tick off Olympic Site No 18.

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