I said I would blog, but…

I haven’t, have I?

I am currently in Ho Chi Minh City, a crazy place where I’ve been spending my time stuffing my face, dodging motorbikes and getting my nerd on at all the city’s museums.
20130116 100501 I said I would blog, but...
The food is ridiculously good, by the way. I used to give Thailand the points in the Thailand-Vietnam food battle, but after two days in HCMC, I’m reconsidering my previous judgement. I have gone absolutely nuts for banh mi in particular, Vietnamese-style baguettes that I haven’t had since my days catching the tram through Footscray. Here they’re 20,000 dong or under, about 60 euro cents.

I had this plan, you see, to update my blog a few times during this trip. However, I didn’t count on my laptop screen breaking on my second day in Thailand, and fixing it has been way down my list in terms of priorities. I’m actually writing this on my iPhone.

So, I’m alive and loving being back in Asia. You’ll hear all the details in the coming weeks. I’d forgotten the extent of the friendliness down here, I’ve been in Europe too long. Nobody beats the Thais in terms of smiles.

Tomorrow I’m off to explore the Mekong Delta region, before heading to the promised paradise that is Phu Quoc Island. Yep, more beach time! I’m just trying not to think about the snow that will greet me when I return to Holland next week…

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  1. Twistie Toes January 18, 2013 at 2:01 AM #

    Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself Caitlyn. Make sure you take lots of notes and complete your blogs on your chilly return to Holland!

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