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Meanwhile, back in Vietnam…

I know I’ve been talking about Vietnam forĀ ages now. What I’m about to rabbit on about today actually occurred more than two months ago; our visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels, just outside of Ho Chi Minh City. But I promise, this is the last thing I’ll post about Vietnam. Well, at least until we […]

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Paradise in Phu Quoc

I don’t know where I had first heard of Phu Quoc. But what I do know is that I didn’t personally know anyone who had ever been there before. I have always wanted to do that. It’s up there with walking into an airport and buying a ticket for a destination on the board that […]

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And then we missed the boat

You don’t go to Rach Gia for any other reason than to leave. It’s the Ancona of Vietnam. Nevertheless, we had a night in Rach Gia. We were booked on the 8am ferry to Phu Quoc, a tropical island that promised deserted sandy beaches, cocktails and massages. We’d already had our fair share of all […]

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More Mekong, markets and the best pho of my life [Part 2]

I’m going to plunge right into part two of my Mekong Delta (mis)adventure. For the first part, where I discovered that I really didn’t get all the fuss about the region, you can catch up here. We pulled into Can Tho just before dinnertime, and thankfully we were told that we were free from our […]

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I really wanted to like the Mekong Delta, but… [Part 1]

This post is going to come across as pretty negative. It’s got to do with the fact that my expectations were so high for the Mekong Delta and weren’t met; if you have zero expectations (and don’t use a group tour) you will probably enjoy yourself. We did have a good time – we were […]

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The other side of the story at the War Remnants Museum

I’d heard two things about the War Remnants Museum before I entered its doors: 1. It’s very good; and 2. Be prepared for the propaganda. My only wish is that somebody had also told me a third: 3. They channel their inner Spaniard and have a siesta from 12-1.30 every day. Therefore, it’s not exactly […]

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A roam around the Reunification Palace

I wasn’t always a history nerd. Back when I was fifteen, I hated history. For some reason, my high school decided that the best thing to teach teenage girls was the Middle Ages, Meiji Japan and Ancient Egypt. Yuck. But in year nine, things changed. I got a new history teacher, a fiery Scot called […]

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KOTO, our selfish good deed

There’s a greatĀ Friends episode somewhere in the middle, when the series was at its best. You know, before Joey started hitting on Rachel, when Monica wasn’t anorexic and when Chandler probably was. Anyway, Phoebe tries to do what she calls a ‘selfless good deed’. After numerous attempts, she realises there’s no such thing. Every good […]

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The Asian city that never sleeps

Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon) is a member of my ‘Three Days or Three Years’ club. They’re those cities that you can kinda squeeze into three days, but you know that if you spent even three years walking its streets, you still won’t see everything. They’re not the cities you can get the gist […]

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I said I would blog, but…

I haven’t, have I? I am currently in Ho Chi Minh City, a crazy place where I’ve been spending my time stuffing my face, dodging motorbikes and getting my nerd on at all the city’s museums. The food is ridiculously good, by the way. I used to give Thailand the points in the Thailand-Vietnam food […]

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