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You know when I said I wasn’t tour guiding this year? Um…

So! There have been a few changes around here. I’ve been keeping this little blog for six and a half years now. It’s had its peaks and troughs, with me sometimes posting at a crazy rate, up to four times a week. Other times, I could go a couple of months without posting a single […]

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Perfect days in Budapest

I have to be totally honest on this blog. I have to remember that at the end of the day, this is essentially a travel journal that got slightly out of hand. So I have to be clear that one of the biggest reasons why I decided to guide tours in Eastern Europe really wasn’t […]

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Why I’m not tour guiding this year

Yes, I admit it. I’m kind of in denial. See that little sidebar on this blog, just over there to the right? It says, ‘Today I’m a tour guide in Europe, and blog about what I love; travel, sport and food’. Yeah, well I’m not a tour guide today. I wasn’t a tour guide yesterday, […]

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An evening at Budapest’s thermal baths

I first visited Budapest’s Széchenyi thermal baths back in October 2011. I was in town with friends for almost a week, and we figured that we had plenty of time to check out those pool things we’d heard so many people talking about. We loved them so much that we went back the next night. And […]

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How not to see Meteora

It seems a bit of a shame that when I think of Meteora, I always think back to that one time last June. It was hot. It’s always hot at Meteora. We had hit a record of six chuckers on the drive in from Thessaloniki; dozens of hairpin turns combined with a couple of sharp […]

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The Bunker Man of Albania

I’d like to introduce you to a man. Unfortunately I don’t know his name as I missed the memo on how to say ‘what is your name’ in Albanian (sorry, my bad) so I’ve just always referred to him as Bunker Man.  It’s overly simplistic, I know, and might even be classed as rude. That […]

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A date with Dubrovnik

People were moving towards the edges of their seats. Ipods were off and cameras were out. A hush went through the bus. Dubrovnik was coming into view. There aren’t that many places that have that effect on people. We usually approach cities these days via their outskirts, having nasty-looking things like warehouses and car yards […]

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Gathering my thoughts on Croatia

Seven years ago, when I was planning my first big European trip, I didn’t for once consider going to Croatia. It’s not like I dismissed it; potentially going to the country didn’t even enter my mind. For me it just wasn’t a holiday destination. The only thing I knew about the place was that their […]

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View from the Office Days 61-70

By mid-June it had well and truly hotted up in the Balkans. I was travelling at a rate of knots; Bosnia, Serbia and Bulgaria in successive days is just one example of how many kilometres I was clocking up. My four nights in Greece every fortnight was sort of like a mini-holiday; sure I was […]

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Pretty little Plovdiv, Bulgaria

I have a few weird little travel habits. They include, but are not limited to, the following: Photographing all of my food before consumption; Looking for old, run-down stadiums; and Talking to myself. I want to expand on that last point. I’m not just talking about that weird little thing that most solo travellers do, […]

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