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A European summer in pictures

This blog has always been about writing. I didn’t even start adding photos to posts until about a year ago, and even then it was initially a struggle. I changed my attitude this year, and add photos to about ninety per cent of my posts. I never think that they’re any good, but I post […]

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On top of the world: An afternoon up Schilthorn

When in Switzerland during my tour guide training trip last year, I was lucky enough to ride the highest railway in Europe, the Jungfrau Railway, to 3,454m high Jungfraujoch. Four years previous, I’d visited Interlaken and found that not only was the weather shocking (we’re talking snow in late June) I just couldn’t afford the […]

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Why I won’t skydive

I am probably the only person in Europe right now who is not impressed by Felix Baumgartner’s 39km skydive the other day. I felt absolutely nothing watching the Youtube clip. Oh yeah, a guy fell for a while. And didn’t die. Well done. He didn’t have any special skill. Nobody won. But we still got the […]

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To the extreme

I am no daredevil. I am someone who likes having her two feet planted firmly on the ground – I close my eyes on rollercoasters, utilise my brakes constantly when cycling downhill and my opposition to tattoos isn’t solely due to the fact that they’re awful; they’d hurt a hell of a lot too. So […]

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The light at the end of the tunnel

After forty-two tumultuous days of tour guide training, I am officially a tour guide. I am fully qualified to take up to 51 eager young things around continental Europe and bestow words of wisdom on them wherever they may go. Definite freak out time, I say. I’m currently writing this on the ultra-fast Thalys train […]

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For the first time in a long time I am in a place where the temperature has a ‘-’ sign preceding it. To add to that, we didn’t realize that we booked ourselves into a hostel where you sleep in a barn. Or, to be more precise, the horse stables. I kid you not. I’ve […]

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Climb every mountain…

You would not believe the price of Internet cafes the past week, the time I used to type much of this post could buy me five gyros in Greece. So last time I updated this was two countries ago, since then I’ve used another currency and another two languages. Venice was very easy to fall […]

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