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Getting ready for the Rio Olympics

Even though I was in Brazil for the World Cup, I didn’t completely forget about my Olympic obsession. I mean, how could I? Rio de Janeiro is the first city since Munich in 1972-74 to host the World Cup final and the Olympic Games, back to back. Our first day in town was rainy and […]

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How much does it cost to go to the World Cup?

I know that I don’t give a lot of practical advice on this blog. Instead, I tend to blather on in a bit of a ‘oh yeah, I did this, you should do it too if you tend to like similar things to me’. But I’ve been getting a lot of questions of late, ever […]

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Impressions of the World Cup in Brazil

I got back from Brazil last night, after a sightly epic journey which went Sao Paulo-Porto Alegre-Lisbon-Amsterdam. I left a place where it was winter and came back to summer, yet the temperature actually dropped by five degrees on my return. Go figure. I had a brilliant time in Brazil. Before I left, I told […]

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An update from Brazil

Greetings from Rio de Janeiro! As I type, I can see Christ the Redeemer from my hotel room (said like Tina Fey’s ‘I can see Russia from my house’). You should also probably know that I have been well and truly introduced to caipirinhas. I am in Brazil for the World Cup – yesterday I […]

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Our (hockey) World Cup warm-up

The sport of hockey (or ‘field hockey’ to North Americans) has always been a bit of a funny one to me. I think I played it once or twice at high school, and I only ever knew of one friend who played it in her free time, goalkeeping for our university team. Despite this, Australia […]

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My World Cup preparation

It’s June. The World Cup starts in eleven days. And it has finally sunk in that I AM ACTUALLY GOING TO THE WORLD CUP. Our flights are booked. Domestic transport all done. Hotels (and one hostel) paid for. So the official preparation is complete. Now we’re just left with the little things. Like this guy. […]

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Catching a cheeky tour in London

It was a couple of years ago when I met my match. I was in Munich during Oktoberfest, out to dinner at the Augustiner Braustuben with a few fellow tour guides. Between swigs of one litre masses and bites of pork knuckle, the conversation steered towards the following year’s Olympic Games, to be held in […]

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An AFL fan at the Dutch Cup final

I am in training at the moment. It’s not the physical kind; in fact, it’s kind of the opposite. Most of the training takes place on the couch, in front of either a magazine or a TV show. You see, I’m in training for my upcoming visit to Brazil for the World Cup. Despite being […]

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I’m going to Brazil for the World Cup!

It was back in December when it happened. We’d talked about the possibility of it occurring, but never really thought it would actually come true. I was on the train, coming back from Dutch class. My phone rang and it was Paul. He’d come home from work early to watch the World Cup draw, and […]

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On not being excited about the Winter Olympics

The Olympic Games start on Thursday. This should be my cue to be wild with excitement, to be studying schedules and cancelling all upcoming social commitments. Instead, I’m just a bit…┬áblah. Why? It’s the Winter Olympics. It’s in Russia. And I don’t give two hoots about any of the sports, really. There are so many […]

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