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View from the Office Days 11-20

So I’m on the road again. Quite a bit actually; in the last ten days I’ve found myself in Prague, Split and plenty of places in between. I’ve been on a tour guiding training trip, which is basically a fortnight of getting to know destinations, activities and food in all the new places I’ve been […]

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On Schindler’s factory floor

I hadn’t seen Schindler’s List until a few years ago. I’d heard of the movie of course and echoed the Seinfeld quotes over the years, but I didn’t actually understand the whole thing until relatively recently. It came as a bit of a surprise, therefore, to find that Schindler’s Factory today has very little to […]

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Going underground

If you’re planning on visiting the Krakow Salt Mines, it’s probably not the best idea to do so with a raging hangover. I was a bad tourist that day. I, and the rest of my friends (all tour guides, I should point out) were exactly the tourists we swear we’ll never be. But, I must […]

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The Christmas cribs of Krakow

Some of my favourite moments whilst travelling have involved what locals would call the ordinary. I’ve sung J-Pop songs at the baseball in Osaka, congratulated a newly married couple in Tangier and, more recently, drunk gluhwein at the Aachen Christmas Market. Last weekend, I added to the list by checking out the famous Christmas cribs […]

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What to eat in Krakow (and where to find it)

I suppose you knew this was coming, hey? Poland has never struck me as a foodie destination. In fact, if we didn’t have Ola (yes, of gelato fame) with us in Krakow we would have stumbled our way through the city, spending hours (yes, hours) choosing where to eat and drink. Ola, however, had written […]

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Krakow, the fairytale city

I think I was about ten. We were on a family holiday, I’m not exactly sure where, but we were coming back home via Ballarat. We didn’t stop in Ballarat, but we paid a visit to the nearby Kryal Castle. Kryal Castle, for the non-Victorians out there, was essentially a medieval theme park inside a […]

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The quest for the perfect dumpling

You can take the girl out of Melbourne, but you can’t take Melbourne out of this girl – that’s probably the main reason why I was reading this article in the Age the other day about the best dumplings in Melbourne. Frankly, I think this list is pretty lazy. Although I used to be a […]

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Holy pierogi

Poland has always been high on my must-see list. As it’s a massive country with a completely different culture just hours from my beloved Berlin, it tickled my fancy quite early. And there’s this other thing that I don’t particularly like to reveal as a history nerd… I haven’t really known much about the place. […]

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