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You know when I said I wasn’t tour guiding this year? Um…

So! There have been a few changes around here. I’ve been keeping this little blog for six and a half years now. It’s had its peaks and troughs, with me sometimes posting at a crazy rate, up to four times a week. Other times, I could go a couple of months without posting a single […]

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Our (hockey) World Cup warm-up

The sport of hockey (or ‘field hockey’ to North Americans) has always been a bit of a funny one to me. I think I played it once or twice at high school, and I only ever knew of one friend who played it in her free time, goalkeeping for our university team. Despite this, Australia […]

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Our resident swans

At the end of my street there is a little bridge over a canal. It’s actually a pedestrian bridge, which is quite rare here in the Netherlands. Technically you’re not allowed to cycle on it, but everyone does anyway. Nobody seems to mind. Me? The bridge is really steep and I usually have to approach it […]

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Celebrating King’s Day in Amsterdam

Despite living in the Netherlands since 2011, I’ve never celebrated King’s Day in Amsterdam (or Queen’s Day, as it used to be known). My lone experience of the Dutch national day was back in 2012, when I partied it up in Dordrecht. In 2011 and 2013 I was tour guiding elsewhere and had to hear […]

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An AFL fan at the Dutch Cup final

I am in training at the moment. It’s not the physical kind; in fact, it’s kind of the opposite. Most of the training takes place on the couch, in front of either a magazine or a TV show. You see, I’m in training for my upcoming visit to Brazil for the World Cup. Despite being […]

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The dummies’ guide to the Dutch workplace

After three years on the road working as a tour guide, I have returned to the normality of the nine-to-five. I’ve spent the last couple of months working in an office in Rotterdam, where I’ve noticed a few little quirks in how the Dutchies go about their business. Here are a few things that have […]

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Spring has sprung

I talk about the weather a lot on this blog. This isn’t a new thing, let me tell you. I didn’t all of a sudden become some sort of cloud-spotter since moving to the rain-soaked Netherlands. No, siree. I am the granddaughter of Betty Mansfield, a lady who once infamously told me that we couldn’t […]

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Beyond the Anne Frank Huis

The Anne Frank Huis in Amsterdam is one of the best museums in the world, in my humble opinion. I place it in the same category as the Louvre, in that it is one of the two museums in Europe that you feel you really have to visit. One tells the story of some of humankind’s […]

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A return to Little Collins

I don’t know how I heard about it, but I knew I had to go. A cafe, called Little Collins, situated in the unlikely neighbourhood of De Pijp in Amsterdam. For two years during high school, I worked at a little shop on the weekends. It was a great part-time job; we sold sports memorabilia […]

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A Dutch anniversary

I have recently celebrated my Dutch anniversary. I have now been a resident of the Netherlands for three whole years. My oh my, has that time flown. I have seen eleven of the twelve provinces (I still have to get to Drenthe), visiting some beautiful cities such as Middelburg, Haarlem, Alkmaar, Maastricht, Groningen and Arnhem. […]

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