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The Balkan surprise

I spent much of last year in the Balkans. Before April 2013, I’d never set foot in the region in my life (bar Greece, which I’ve never really seen as Balkan). And, looking back, I loved it. More than I ever thought I would. Back in 2007, when I first visited Europe, I thought I’d […]

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How not to see Meteora

It seems a bit of a shame that when I think of Meteora, I always think back to that one time last June. It was hot. It’s always hot at Meteora. We had hit a record of six chuckers on the drive in from Thessaloniki; dozens of hairpin turns combined with a couple of sharp […]

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Parga, the Greek island on the mainland

For many years, a common misconception has existed on the backpacker trail. Apparently if you want to visit stunning beaches and see charming hillside villages in Greece, you need to head to the Greek Islands. I can categorically say that this is not true. Why? One word:┬áParga. I’ve said on this blog quite a few […]

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A touch of ‘volta’ in Thessaloniki

I grew up surrounded by Greeks. Nick Giannopolous, Ada Nicodemou and Alex Dimitriades were on the television. Helen Kapalos and Mary Kostakidis were there too, reading the news. I’d read books by Christos Tsiolkas and go to a George Calombaris restaurant on a special occasion. When I’d be working at Parliament House, I’d see speeches […]

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Athens, then and now

Of all the places I’ve travelled to over the past few years, Greece has always been a bit of a special one to me. I first visited in 2007, right in the middle of my big solo trip of Europe. I caught a ferry over from Italy and spent two weeks there that were so […]

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View from the Office Days 61-70

By mid-June it had well and truly hotted up in the Balkans. I was travelling at a rate of knots; Bosnia, Serbia and Bulgaria in successive days is just one example of how many kilometres I was clocking up. My four nights in Greece every fortnight was sort of like a mini-holiday; sure I was […]

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View from the Office Days 51-60

By this stage, I was settling into a bit of a rhythm out in the Balkans. Only two protests had threatened to shut down the entire respective cities of Sofia and Istanbul. The Albanian elections had gone relatively smoothly – I stress the word ‘relatively’. Better yet, I hadn’t lost anyone and my groups had […]

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View from the Office Days 41-50

I was nervous, returning to Greece. I had fallen in love with the country on my visit in 2007; Italy hadn’t yet warmed to me (don’t worry, it just took a bit more time) and I’d arrived in Athens, travel-weary and with diminishing funds. The next two weeks were just what the travel doctor ordered […]

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View from the Office Days 31-40

I had a goal this year on the road. For every day worked, I would post a picture online, entitled ‘View from the Office’. I did it. I published 173 photos this year, with my office ranging from a San Sebastian pintxos bar to a Sarajevo bazaar. On only a couple of occasions did I […]

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The Olympic Factory… and the medical kind

Where do I start? I suppose at the beginning. I left Santorini on Monday night on the overnight ferry, which was packed to the rafters. Somehow managed to snag a seat inside for the ride, along with a girl from the hostel that I was with. It’s never good when you realise after talking to […]

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