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You know when I said I wasn’t tour guiding this year? Um…

So! There have been a few changes around here. I’ve been keeping this little blog for six and a half years now. It’s had its peaks and troughs, with me sometimes posting at a crazy rate, up to four times a week. Other times, I could go a couple of months without posting a single […]

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The romance of the Rhine Valley

Last year – almost a year ago, in fact – Paul and I went on a fantastic, lets-hit-four-countries-in-two-days-because-we-can little roadtrip. Since then I’ve told you about three of the spots we visited – Brussels’ Atomium, Dinant and Luxembourg – but I’ve completely forgotten to tell you all about the Rhine Valley. I mean, I just […]

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View from the Office Days 31-40

I had a goal this year on the road. For every day worked, I would post a picture online, entitled ‘View from the Office’. I did it. I published 173 photos this year, with my office ranging from a San Sebastian pintxos bar to a Sarajevo bazaar. On only a couple of occasions did I […]

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View from the Office Days 21-30

Over the last ten days, I’ve been travelling at a rate of knots. I finished up my training through Eastern and Central Europe, and started work again in more familiar territory. One thing’s for sure though; Slovenia absolutely blew me away. I’ll be writing more about the country later, but I spent a day exploring […]

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Hanging out with Charlemagne in Aachen

When I was studying to become a tour guide, I got a little obsessed with a few historical figures. I decided that Spain’s Ferdinand and Isabella were a little like a fifteenth century Brangelina (Isabella definitely wore the pants back then). Pepin the Short featured in many spiels just because I liked his name. Tycho […]

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Snowflakes, gluhwein and wooden dolls

When you hear about German Christmas markets, you will hear of Cologne. Nuremburg and Dresden will probably also feature. At a pinch, Munich and Berlin might also be mentioned. You probably won’t hear of Aachen, despite it being my firm favourite. Aachen has a soft spot for me as it was the first Christmas market […]

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In search of the perfect beer

I didn’t drink beer until my first week at university. I was one of those dreaded lolly-drink girls, who then graduated to gin and tonics and cocktails. Beer just wasn’t my style, I had decided early. However, it is mighty hard to go to university and not drink beer. On a pub crawl during O-Week, […]

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Why I won’t be watching the Grand Final at an Aussie pub

Yesterday, in another moment of procrastination, I found myself searching for a pub showing the AFL Grand Final on Saturday morning. Just as I was journey planning on the NS website as to how early I was going to have to leave to get to The Hague by 6.30am, I stopped. What was I doing? […]

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On the docks

I had a preconceived notion of Hamburg. For some reason, probably because of its harbour and associated docks, I thought it would be rough around the edges. Back in 2007, I spent a whopping total of one night here, an overnight stop to break up the journey between Copenhagen and Amsterdam. My only memory is […]

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Retail therapy, German Christmas markets style

I have long been intrigued by German Christmas markets. The very idea of them sounds inviting to an Australian who grew up singing ‘Surfy Surfy Santa’ at her school’s annual Christmas pageant. They embody everything Christmas seems to be on the other side of the world; full of snow, traditional toys and carollers in the […]

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