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View from the Office Days 21-30

Over the last ten days, I’ve been travelling at a rate of knots. I finished up my training through Eastern and Central Europe, and started work again in more familiar territory. One thing’s for sure though; Slovenia absolutely blew me away. I’ll be writing more about the country later, but I spent a day exploring […]

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pyrenees from plane

View from the Office Days 1-10

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been back to work in March. I’ve already posted a bit on the craziness of Las Fallas in Valencia, and yesterday I got back from guiding an Easter tour of Paris. I’m exhausted already and the proper summer season is still a month away. To make up for my […]

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A European summer in pictures

This blog has always been about writing. I didn’t even start adding photos to posts until about a year ago, and even then it was initially a struggle. I changed my attitude this year, and add photos to about ninety per cent of my posts. I never think that they’re any good, but I post […]

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Good food! In Nice! Finally!

Nice is one of the hardest cities in the world in which to find good food. As the city’s only been counted as French for the last century and a bit, there ain’t many brasseries, cosy cafes or even creperies around town. Instead, you will find a lot of pizza. A ridiculous amount of it, […]

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All we are saying… is give France a chance

France is my least-favourite country in Europe. (Oh, wait. Except for Belgium, of course.) I simply just don’t get it. I’ve slowly warmed to Paris, the French Riviera is quite lovely, and then that’s it. Apart from spending short amounts of time in Avignon, Bordeaux and Tours, I just haven’t seen much of the country. […]

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Le Olympic warm-up

In exactly one week I will be in London, for my second Olympics. I know, it’s not like I’m competing or anything. Far from it. Instead, I’ll be soaking up everything Olympic right in the middle of it all for the first time since Sydney in 2000. However, I’ve been very far away from the […]

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Where you might find me this summer

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Two essays have been handed in, one to go. In a weird way, it looks as if I might finish all of my essays a week early. I have a deadline a week before everyone else. Because in sixteen days, I’ll be flying out […]

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One day in Paris

It’s been well-documented that I have never been exactly rapt for Paris. Sure, when we do the hour-long intro talk coming in to the city, I do feel a bit of the buzz when I see the glittering lights on the Eiffel Tower. But the buzz is bigger in Berlin, Barcelona and now even Florence. […]

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The royal treatment

I have a reputation. But, despite my republican tendencies, royal weddings are starting to grow on me. Two months ago, I scoffed at Will and Kate’s little shin-dig. That silly girl, outshone by her sister, marrying into that weird family; I just didn’t get it. I tasted a little bit of vomit in my mouth […]

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A French polish

I’ve never warmed to France. That’s not to say that I like it there – it is lovely, and Paris is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it’s surrounded by countries that I think are just a lot more interesting. You’ve got it wedged in to a corner surrounded by […]

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