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Catching a cheeky tour in London

It was a couple of years ago when I met my match. I was in Munich during Oktoberfest, out to dinner at the Augustiner Braustuben with a few fellow tour guides. Between swigs of one litre masses and bites of pork knuckle, the conversation steered towards the following year’s Olympic Games, to be held in […]

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The other Torquay and the real Fawlty Towers

A few months ago, Mum and I sat down and tried to find a spot to stay on our journey to Cornwall. Her and Dad would be coming from Brighton and picking Paul and I up from Southampton Airport, before heading westwards. We didn’t really want to head straight to Cornwall, so we turned our sights […]

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Stonehenge on a whim

Over the last few years, I have learnt that Australians and Europeans differ somewhat on their concepts of distance. ‘Going for a drive’ on a Sunday afternoon Down Under can mean a journey of anything up to three hours or so; a similar trip would probably give most Europeans heart palpitations. So when we found […]

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An overdue visit to Bath

I first visited the UK back in 2007. I spent almost a month in the country (almost half of that in London) in the traditional Australian way; I wanted to get my feet wet there before diving into the seemingly strange and foreign continental Europe. About three weeks in, I came to a realisation. With one […]

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The thatched cottage of my dreams

It’s no secret on this blog that I have a bit of an obsession with thatched cottages. Just the other day I was walking down an unfamiliar street in Dordrecht with somebody I had known for all of ten minutes, when I squealed. Like, really loudly and suddenly, in a way that would definitely have […]

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A night in Doc Martin’s Port Isaac

I had never heard of the show before. I haven’t watched a hell of a lot of TV over the last few years (Game of Thrones? Breaking Bad? I have no idea) and a little British series about a cranky doctor in a Cornish village hadn’t crossed my radar. But Mum was insistent. ‘Come on, just […]

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Padstow, Rick Stein and a lonely crab

Apart from Port Isaac, Mum and I hadn’t thought much about where else to visit in Cornwall. We’d talked about Cornwall as one entity for months, without really zooming in on any of its specific towns or villages. So with Dad driving and Paul earning the title of ‘Tommy the Tom-Tom’, Mum and I were […]

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13 photos from England’s south

If you’ve ever compared my blog against my Twitter or Facebook feed, you might notice that I am notorious for always being months behind in my writing. Last week, when I was blogging about thermal baths and the other joys of Budapest,  I was actually in the opposite direction, in the UK. I joined my […]

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A European summer in pictures

This blog has always been about writing. I didn’t even start adding photos to posts until about a year ago, and even then it was initially a struggle. I changed my attitude this year, and add photos to about ninety per cent of my posts. I never think that they’re any good, but I post […]

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An Aussie at the Holland Heineken House

Today I’ve put on my orange for the first time in a few months. Paul and I are off to see Holland vs Germany at Amsterdam Arena tonight, so that means I’m off to my uni class this afternoon in an electric orange hue. The last time I wore this colour (believe me, there’s no […]

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