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The Portuguese surfing debacle

In January, I had my first surf lesson back in Australia. It didn’t go well. For some stupid reason, I decided to do it all again in June whilst in Portugal. Perhaps enough time had passed, and I was looking back at January’s experiment with rose-coloured glasses. So I dragged myself out of bed one […]

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All we are saying… is give France a chance

France is my least-favourite country in Europe. (Oh, wait. Except for Belgium, of course.) I simply just don’t get it. I’ve slowly warmed to Paris, the French Riviera is quite lovely, and then that’s it. Apart from spending short amounts of time in Avignon, Bordeaux and Tours, I just haven’t seen much of the country. […]

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To flamenco or not to flamenco?

I think just about everyone has one. A skill that you hold, that you bring out at every opportune occasion, only to realise years later that you’ve got no talent in that area whatsoever. For Bridget Jones, it was cooking. For me, it’s dancing. I’d always quite fancied myself as a dancer. I did good […]

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My (travel) beauty tips

A while back, I was helping an old friend plan a trip to Europe and the US. She’d asked me lots of questions, ranging from Eurail passes to the merits of bringing heels in a backpack. Then, just as she was about to depart, she sent me one last question. “Caitlyn, what’s your beauty routine […]

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‘Cos everybody was surfin’…

I’ve always wanted to give surfing a go. Always. I am a water baby. Almost literally, actually. I was first seen at Sweeny’s Swim School in Altona at the age of three, bobbing up and down and, knowing me, probably too scared to put my head under the water. Growing up, my family would usually […]

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Once while travelling: travel’s worst experiences

When you read travelogues, travel blogs, look at photos, and generally hear about people’s recent trips, everything seems amazing. Nothing went wrong, everything worked out, nobody got injured, lost or found themselves in an awkward situation. But it does happen, and with surprising frequency. I’ve been extremely lucky, never having to file a travel insurance […]

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One day in Paris

It’s been well-documented that I have never been exactly rapt for Paris. Sure, when we do the hour-long intro talk coming in to the city, I do feel a bit of the buzz when I see the glittering lights on the Eiffel Tower. But the buzz is bigger in Berlin, Barcelona and now even Florence. […]

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To the extreme

I am no daredevil. I am someone who likes having her two feet planted firmly on the ground – I close my eyes on rollercoasters, utilise my brakes constantly when cycling downhill and my opposition to tattoos isn’t solely due to the fact that they’re awful; they’d hurt a hell of a lot too. So […]

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I hate Belgium

So.Belgium. Please do come here if you: Love to be stared at constantly as if you have a scary-looking disease (as was the case in Italy) by absolutely (and I mean absolutely) everyone – and they aren’t at all discreet about it Quite fancy being charged insane amounts of money for a Mother’s Day phone […]

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The Olympic Factory… and the medical kind

Where do I start? I suppose at the beginning. I left Santorini on Monday night on the overnight ferry, which was packed to the rafters. Somehow managed to snag a seat inside for the ride, along with a girl from the hostel that I was with. It’s never good when you realise after talking to […]

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