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Mayhem in Mechelen

Zoom. I spun around, probably quite theatrically. Zoom. I stepped to the side, trying desperately to avoid the kamikaze forces engulfing me. Zoom. Little by little, I Frogger-hopped my way across Mechelen’s Grote Markt, mentally chiding myself for making such an amateur mistake as attempting to walk across the city’s main square. I was bike-less, […]

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A Dutch routine

I’ve finally done it. I’ve bought myself a proper winter coat. It’s dark navy and woolen, with a hood, brown inside quilting and Paddington Bear-esque wooden toggles. It goes all the way down to my knees and, when paired with my brown knee-high boots, I am actually both warm and relatively fashionable, and it’s a […]

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And the Belgians gave us some silver balls

Just like we weren’t planning on visiting Luxembourg, we weren’t counting on going to Brussels, either. But as we were doing one of those go-with-the-flow, ‘let’s just turn off anywhere that looks interesting’ weekend trips, Paul thought I might like to see the Atomium. If you’ve met Paul before, you might be surprised that he’d […]

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Discovering Dinant

As I’m about halfway through telling you all about my Asian adventures, I thought I may as well break it up a bit. With a bit of my old favourite, Belgium. I was mucking around on StumbleUpon late last year, when I came across an article on the prettiest small towns and cities in Europe. I’d […]

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In search of the perfect beer

I didn’t drink beer until my first week at university. I was one of those dreaded lolly-drink girls, who then graduated to gin and tonics and cocktails. Beer just wasn’t my style, I had decided early. However, it is mighty hard to go to university and not drink beer. On a pub crawl during O-Week, […]

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An afternoon in Antwerp

I was convinced something was going to go wrong yesterday afternoon in Antwerp. Yes, I went to Belgium. Yet I went there willingly. And, with Yahoo Weather promising temperatures of around twenty degrees, I was even a bit excited. Still, I was nervous. Bad things tend to happen to me in Belgium, time and time […]

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The curious case of Baarle-Hertog

I love travelling curiosities. And, to quote Alice in Wonderland, they don’t come much more curiouser and curiouser than the ‘siamese-twin town’ of Baarle-Hertog and Baarle-Nassau. I first heard about the Baarles from Paul when we visited Drielandenpunt last year, the point at which the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium meet in the one spot. I […]

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Why I hate Belgium, in four minutes (and colour)

I’ve tried many times to articulate why exactly I hate Belgium. I’ve mentioned split trains, the elderly who give you bruises, and the fact that it isn’t really a country at all. Anyway, this little pearler was brought to my attention by Joel Marlan-Tribe. I wish I’d come up with it myself.  

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A weekend in… Bruges

Studying medieval history? Seen the movie ‘In Bruges’? Or just want to eat lots of chocolate and drink lots of beer? Then look no further than Bruges, tucked away in… well, unfortunately it is in Belgium. Here’s how you can spend a weekend in Bruges. So, what’s the deal? Thankfully, I’ve been able to put […]

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In Flanders Fields

Belgium is known for a lot of things. A diverse lot of things, you might say. It’s known for its chocolate, beers, waffles, lace, and to some, like me, dodgy trains. It’s also known for another important thing. When Europeans decide to have a good old war, they tend to choose to do it in […]

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