A day in the life

I am going to break one of my blog rules today. I am going to post pictures.

 A day in the life

When I’m not wandering around Holland on the weekends, I can be seen here.

This is my couch. Here, from 9-5, and increasingly after that too, I study. In ten days time, I start training to be a tour guide and I’m supposed to know a bit about Europe. I thought I did, and I thought having a history degree would help me here. To the contrary. Today I was reading up about the history of bahn mi. No, not bahn as in the German name for ‘road’, as in Vietnamese pork rolls. I click on link after link, interested in more and more bizarre things, before I shake myself and return to what I was originally studying. Which at that stage was French cuisine.

 A day in the life

This is the view from the living room. More specifically, this is the view I’m treated with when I look up from my netbook. I’m living on the town square, Scheffersplein, and as the weather gets nicer, this view becomes more and more of a distraction. All of the cafes have put out tables and chairs onto the square, turning it into a lovely little beer garden (I’m told) in the summer. Equally distracting is the V&D right across the square. That’s the Dutch version of Myer. Yep, barely twenty metres from where I am sitting. Told you I’m facing many distractions.

 A day in the life

This is my house. The three windows on the first floor are the lounge room and kitchen, and yep we have very high ceilings. As you can see, it’s built in 1709. I’m an advocate for putting the year built onto all buildings; even my apartment building in Southbank had it. Although it said 1993, so perhaps it doesn’t have the same charm on second thought. On the ground floor is a pub. As I type this now, they are playing Michael Jackson. So another source of distraction.

 A day in the life

This is the square from the square. The square is actually a wide bridge, over a canal. The sun is out, so I’ve let the distractions get the better of me and go for a walk.

 A day in the life

This is the second icecream parlour to have opened in as many weeks. Today was the start of a Dutch heatwave; it was eleven degrees. It is still cold people! Although I celebrated our rise to the double digits by wearing shoes with no socks around town.

 A day in the life

These boys have got it right. They’re not interested in any icecream, they’re sticking to their trusty fries and mayo. This is the Voorstraat, the longest shopping street in the Netherlands, which runs right behind the V&D. Again, distractions.

 A day in the life

Speaking of fries and mayo, this is my local, The Rhino, also on the Voorstraat. I was going to head there tonight but, needing a distraction from the Great Schism, decided to head to ‘The Wok’, which is closer, right on Scheffersplein. I thought I had a little victory, ordering it all in Dutch, including saying that I didn’t want capsicum, until the lady called my order; “chicken, no capsicum”.

 A day in the life

Slowly, I am trying out all the different cafes in the neighbourhood. All of them give you a little biscuit with your coffee, or, in this case, an Easter egg. Definitely a source of major distraction; I keep trying new ones to see what I’ll get.

And, with that, I drowned my coffee, put away my camera and returned to my post to research the Brenner Pass.

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  1. Paultje March 12, 2011 at 12:37 AM #

    Cool post. Funny to see my life through your eyes 😉

  2. aims March 12, 2011 at 1:32 AM #

    Why not take your netbook WITH you to try that lovely little coffee? Don't fight the distractions, sit in them!

  3. Piegirl5au March 13, 2011 at 4:54 AM #

    As your sister would say"treat yourself". LOVED this post as it gave me such an insight……..loved the photos too. Did backpackingwithwheels inspire the pics?

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