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A country in a photo – Spain

Hello my name is Caitlyn, and I am a pretty average travel photographer. I love taking photos, but I’m not fantastic at it. I don’t have the patience for night shots, the shutter speed for sports or the interest for animal photos. Every so often though, I look back at one of my thousands of […]

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A weekend in… Hong Kong

I know you’re already thinking it. What? She wants me to go all the way there just for the weekend? Well, maybe not literally, but Hong Kong is far and away my favourite place as a stop-over. A weekend in Hong Kong is by far better than doing the long-haul in one go between Europe […]

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Give it a miss

Planning a big trip can be mighty hard. I can remember the moment when I brought my ‘Europe on a Shoestring’ home from Borders, after months of flicking through its pages. I sat down, highlighter in hand, and began planning. I knew the big places I had to go. You can’t go to Europe and […]

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When the Steven Bradburys came to town

Dordrecht is a little town with a big history. It’s the oldest city in Holland, being granted city rights all the way back in 1220. It’s also the site of the Union of Dordrecht, when in 1572 twelve Dutch cities joined forces to resist Spanish rule under the command of William of Orange. And, in […]

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A weekend in… Prague

Oh, Prague. There’s truly something here for everyone; a city the likes of Mozart, Kafka, Einstein and even Martina Navratilova have each called home. To me it’s dreamier than Paris, more sophisticated than Berlin yet a hell of a lot more down to earth than Vienna. And the one euro beers  certainly don’t hurt. Here’s […]

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Why I hate Belgium, in four minutes (and colour)

I’ve tried many times to articulate why exactly I hate Belgium. I’ve mentioned split trains, the elderly who give you bruises, and the fact that it isn’t really a country at all. Anyway, this little pearler was brought to my attention by Joel Marlan-Tribe. I wish I’d come up with it myself.  

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My Dutch bucket list

One of the bonuses of studying in the Netherlands is that the government actually pays for your public transport. Now, we’re not talking paying for the local bus or giving you a concession card; no, they give all full-time students a free travel pass for the entire country. Through a number of gaping loopholes in […]

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Keeping up with the Joneses… on the road

“Whitney Houston died!” was how I greeted Paul on Sunday morning after consulting Twitter. “Yeah, I know,” was the response. He’d already seen the news on NOS Teletext. Staying up to date with news from home and abroad has always been tricky. You don’t get the newspaper delivered every morning, you don’t switch on the […]

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A weekend in… Bruges

Studying medieval history? Seen the movie ‘In Bruges’? Or just want to eat lots of chocolate and drink lots of beer? Then look no further than Bruges, tucked away in… well, unfortunately it is in Belgium. Here’s how you can spend a weekend in Bruges. So, what’s the deal? Thankfully, I’ve been able to put […]

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The minibreak

One of the things for which non-Europeans are most jealous of Europeans is the closeness of everything to each other. It was one of the things which drew me to the continent in the first place; the fact that so many languages, cultures and peoples inhabit a pretty small chunk of the world, yet their […]

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