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Think inside the square: ten best town squares

Squares. As an Australian, I’m not really used to them. We’re used to Malls (Bourke St, Pitt St, Rundle…) which are altogether different from their American counterparts. Only recently have we dabbled in town squares – Federation Square is the best example – but they are specifically designed, plonked down almost, and not organic like […]

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Come dine with me: ten best meals while travelling

I couldn’t dedicate just one blog to food, now could I? So, instead of thinking broadly with cuisines, I’ve put my thinking cap on and zeroed in on my favourite meals. Here I was mighty glad that I have ignored people who laugh at me and make a point of taking a picture of most […]

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The OMG moment: top ten travel experiences

This list was probably the most fun to create. None of the entries seem to have anything in common but they’re simply united in the fact that I remember them all vividly. They’re the little things that you’re not expecting; they make your trip yours and different from the simple sightseeing that you have in […]

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The local colosseum: top ten stadiums

As you can probably guess from the title of this blog, I quite like sport. I’ll watch just about anything, and chances are I’ll enjoy it more when I’m doing so inside an impressive, historical stadium. Yes, stadiums can be historical and no, they don’t all look the same. Many are even historical for non-sporting […]

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A la natural: top ten natural sights

When travelling, I usually do as most others do; city-hop. I’ve lived almost all of my life in a big city and they’re usually the places I love exploring the most – much of history has happened in cities (yeah, yeah, historians can have a nice, long debate about that) and that’s what I’m normally […]

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Laying in ruins: top ten ancient sites

When I started compiling this list I was buoyed by the fact that I hadn’t succumbed and stayed in the relative comfort of city-hopping around the world. No siree, I thought to myself. I’d definitely gotten my hands dirty. But then I looked down this list and one thing struck me – most of these […]

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Hostel world: top ten hostels

I’ve become somewhat used to staying in hostels. Before 2007, I’d stayed in a grand total of one hostel; a dingy affair in Perth where I tried desperately to stay in the middle of my bed and not accidentally roll over and touch the fungus-like growth on the wall. But since then my number is […]

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Yummy in my tummy: top ten cuisines

So, here we go. It’s no secret that one of my favourite things to do when travelling is to eat. I’ll try just about anything – horse, haggis or haloumi – and see a nation’s cuisine as a sort of to-do list when entering a new country. It didn’t always used to be like this. […]

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Night at the museum – top ten museums

I never thought I was a museum geek. I like to think that I spend most of my time outside, exploring cities, but compiling this list was way too much fun. When it comes to history museums, I’m all about ones that focus on World War II and its aftermath. Sport of course is another […]

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When the lights go out: top ten nights out when travelling

Particularly when I’m travelling solo, I’m one of those people who knock themselves out with siteseeing during the day and absolutely crash and burn at night. Nighttime is usually for recharging my batteries, planning out the next day’s movements and updating my blog. But seeing many cities solely during the daytime would be like only […]

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