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Holy pierogi

Poland has always been high on my must-see list. As it’s a massive country with a completely different culture just hours from my beloved Berlin, it tickled my fancy quite early. And there’s this other thing that I don’t particularly like to reveal as a history nerd… I haven’t really known much about the place. […]

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The alternative side

I promise that this will be my last post about Berlin. For this year, anyway. It’s now cold in Berlin. Very cold. Especially in the morning, with me announcing to a coach full of Aussies not used to such extremes that congratulations, many of you had just survived your first morning in the minuses. The […]

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One day in Paris

It’s been well-documented that I have never been exactly rapt for Paris. Sure, when we do the hour-long intro talk coming in to the city, I do feel a bit of the buzz when I see the glittering lights on the Eiffel Tower. But the buzz is bigger in Berlin, Barcelona and now even Florence. […]

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Ein prosit! Or, how a tour guide survived Oktoberfest

I know, I know. I have been a terrible blogger of late. But I have my reasons. I have been camping. For two weeks. Those who know me would say that I am not a happy camper. Those who know me well, however, would know that I have a long history of being a camper. […]

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