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Wild and sexy

I cannot feel my feet. One week down in my six-week tour guide training trip, and I am well and truly buggered. I have had seven hours sleep combined over the last two nights and in the past twenty-four hours I have clocked up kilometre after kilometre cycling and walking around Paris. Tomorrow is Switzerland, […]

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Lost in London

So, as of today, I am officially working again. After almost four months of nonstop holiday, I’m now undertaking training on how to take people on holidays. I started my tour guide training trip in London this morning, so Paul and I decided to make a holiday out of it, naturally, and spent a long […]

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Hello and welcome to [insert Dutch city here]

Paul had big plans for February-March. He was going to show me the country, outside the Randstad area (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague). He did warn me though, that there was an illness out there often associated with travelling around the Netherlands to all the different Dutch cities. It’s called Dutch City Fatigue. Thankfully, I didn’t […]

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A day in the life

I am going to break one of my blog rules today. I am going to post pictures. When I’m not wandering around Holland on the weekends, I can be seen here. This is my couch. Here, from 9-5, and increasingly after that too, I study. In ten days time, I start training to be a […]

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But orange just really isn’t my colour

I have a confession to make. I am on the email list for the Fanatics. In public, I say that I hate the Fanatics. For a number of reasons: they are cliched, cringe-worthy, don’t seem particularly interested in what they have paid big bucks to attend, and now even have tours to places like Gallipoli. […]

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The Europe of Europe

Ever heard of Limburg? Me neither. It’s that little stretch of land jutting down from the rest of the Netherlands, sandwiched between Belgium and Germany. The Dutch don’t necessarily count them as Dutch per se, and, in turn, Limburgers are Limburgers, full stop. They’ve got their own dialect (which sounds like a completely different language […]

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