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Guilin me softly

As I write this (later to be typed) I’m sitting 507 steep steps on top of a karst hill in Guilin’s Seven Stars Park. My Ventolin has had a workout and I’m buggered. When I arrived in Guilin, I wasn’t too impressed. It seemed to me to be a typical ugly Chinese city in beautiful […]

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Back in the saddle again

When I said goodbye to the rest of the family in Shanghai, it hit me – I was on my own in a foreign country, a situation I hadn’t found myself in since my jaunt around Japan and Korea in mid-2008. And at least in Japan I knew the language. I was once again a […]

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The Melbourne of China

Yes, I know it’s a big call but hear me out. Putting aside population, I am calling Shanghai the Melbourne of China. What do you do in Shanghai? Well, you eat, shop, look at nice old buildings, attend events (such as the World Expo) and get distracted by cool gimmicks like the 431 km/hr Maglev […]

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Capital culture

The Beijing of 2008 was obsessed with the Olympics and building things. The Beijing of 2011 is obsessed with security, and building things. If you’re unaware that Beijing is the capital of China before you arrive, you can’t be forgiven for thinking that after just a short wander around the place. The army and security […]

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Nice wheels

A couple of years ago in Vietnam, I wondered what was going to happen to the traffic when one day, everyone sold their motorbikes and bought a nice new shiny car. Well, that day has come in Xi’an, and it’s downright scary. The traffic in Xi’an was ridiculous, and we managed to spy six individual […]

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Asian Vegas

First of all, thank you to Paul for publishing this post for me. I’m now in China, where they don’t like my SIM card, Facebook, Twitter or Blogger. For the next few weeks I’ll be writing this blog and then having to email it to the Netherlands to be published! But rewind to Macau for […]

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The opposite of a heatwave

Well, I am back in Hong Kong. Not only am I back in Hong Kong, seemingly my Asian home away from home, I am back blogging. And I will be doing so for much of this year, after landing possibly the best job in the world, a tour guide. I am in cold Hong Kong, […]

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