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But remember to have fun!

I had a bit of an image of Singapore in my head before I got here. Meticulously clean, full of law-abiding identical people, and home to amazing food and bargain shopping. I also assumed that the island would be wall-to-wall skyscrapers, with just a small green patch for the Singapore Zoo. I was wrong about […]

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Only one dollar…

We weren’t too happy when we pulled into Phnom Penh. We’d decided to get the extra early bus from Siem Reap, and all our good intentions were dashed when our bus broke down somewhere along the way. Paul then lost the fight that his body had been raging against Asian food, which wasn’t helped by […]

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Angkor what?

I hinted in my last post that I’d started to fall a little in love with Cambodia, and she hasn’t yet let me down. It’s pretty easy – the people are lovely, the food is surprisingly tasty, the shopping is excellent and the sights are first-class. Siem Reap is the first place I’ve ever been […]

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Hello motorbike?

I’m out of Vietnam, and suddenly I can hear myself think. My jury is a little out on Vietnam. This morning I was keen as mustard to keep working my way down the coast to Saigon, until we had the inevitable dodgy cab ride which ended up with an unwanted tour of Hanoi and a […]

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Asleep on the bay

Someone somewhere is putting together a list of the new seven natural wonders of the world, and every shopfront in Ha Long City urges you to vote for their bay. I’ll urge you too – it simply is amazing. For the third time in my travels I took a tour, the only way to really […]

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Beep beep

I can hear the beeps right now… five seconds can’t go by without me hearing a car, motorcycle or bus toot. Welcome to Hanoi, where the humble traffic light and pedestrian crossing are just so bourgeois. But before I talk about Hanoi, let me finish up on Bangkok. Yesterday took us to the biggest market […]

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Long live the king

So, Caitlyn’s Olympic wanderings are continuing once again – no, I haven’t lost the travel bug just yet. However, there are two key differences on this trip. One – there’s no ‘Olympic’ in my wandering to speak of. Nothing promises awesome Olympic nostalgia in the South-East Asia region except for the creatively-titled ‘National Olympic Stadium’ […]

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