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Ciao, China

For the first time in a while, it’s actually been warmer in my destination than my departure city. So I suppose that made coming home a little easier. I haven’t finished with China yet, not even close. But I am happy to leave that to another time. Preferably in the springtime. I’m thinking the Trans-Mongolian […]

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Happy new Olympic year!

Happy Lunar New Year from Beijing. We got all excited about our location and headed to Tienamen Square for the midnight celebrations last night, only to find the square empty and being patrolled by scary army people. We constructed a theory that the celebrations had been cancelled due to the fact that millions of Chinese […]

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Subterranean army

Woohoo! We’re out of the crazy weather zone! We’re now in Xian, where the temperature may be a balmy -10, but at least here they’re used to it. Their footpaths are wider (so there’s more space for the snow) and the airport is open. So we’re happy. Being stuck in Nanjing wasn’t really a bad […]

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The wheels on the bus

On the surface, we were calm and contented. We looked as if we knew what we were doing, simply turning up at a central station and catching a train two hours down the road to Nanjing. It wasn’t snowing; it was even sunny, almost. But deep down we knew it wasn’t going to be that […]

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