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High society

I think I made a bit of an impact on Vienna. When I was getting my wisdom teeth out in December, I watched many hours of television. On one particular day I was watching Kerri-Anne (I swear there was nothing else on) who was on location in Vienna. I’ve been excited ever since. Vienna is […]

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Absinthe and old lace

So apparently Prague is in Eastern Europe. Well, maybe geographically, but you wouldn’t know it just by walking around the place. When I wrote my first list of all the places that I wanted to go in Europe (it would have taken me eight months) Prague didn’t even make the cut. I sure am glad […]

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Back in the USSR

Well, I’m not going to Russia on this trip but I think Budapest was as close as I’m going to get (until the Baltics, anyway). I’m all Cold War-ed out, if that’s at all possible. Budapest really grew on me. It reminded me in a lot of ways to Barcelona – it was muggy, the […]

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The other side of the curtain

Less than twenty years ago, when you crossed from Austria to Hungary you were usually crazy, a cocky backpacker or a spy. You weren’t one hundred percent certain that you would be able to get back. However, when I crossed over this morning, the only thing that was different was that I got my first […]

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How romantic…

So glad to be out of Belgium. They don’t make it easy for anyone to get out of there, either. I spied two girls from my dorm at the train station when I was about to board my first train to Nuremburg who had told me that they were off to Cologne. When I asked […]

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I hate Belgium

So.Belgium. Please do come here if you: Love to be stared at constantly as if you have a scary-looking disease (as was the case in Italy) by absolutely (and I mean absolutely) everyone – and they aren’t at all discreet about it Quite fancy being charged insane amounts of money for a Mother’s Day phone […]

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… Interesting Amsterdam

Yes, this city sure is interesting, I’ll give it that. Bill Bryson sums up Amsterdam (or the Netherlands) pretty well. He says, you know when you’re in an argument and realise halfway through that you’re in the wrong, but keep arguing your side simply for the sake of it? That’s pretty much Amsterdam. I went […]

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Hello, Mary

I never thought I would get here. I arrived at Stockholm Central Station bright and early yesterday, eager to get the first train to Copenhagen, so I would have a full afternoon of sightseeing. Yeah, well that plan failed. As I was told by the man at the desk, if you want to travel on […]

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Stockholm syndrome

Well, I figured out how you get from Berlin to Malmö by train without going through Denmark. It’s pretty cool actually. They put the train on a boat! Apart from that excitement the trip to Stockholm wasn’t all that fun. All of the people in my sleeping compartment turned on me about fifteen minutes into […]

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Sorry to disappoint…

Still love Berlin, I’m sorry people. Definitely going to sleep on my train tonight to Stockholm (which is actually not going via Denmark, so I’m intrigued as to how we’re getting there). The past two days have been full of more and more history, it’s intoxicating. Yesterday I set off for the 1936 Olympic stadium, […]

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