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Ich bin ein Berliner

Move over Barcelona – Berlin has taken over as my new favourite city. I’m a history student. I should have seen it coming. Everywhere you look, there’s history. I walked through a park – there’s an old watchtower. I crossed the road – a neat line of bricks indicates where the Wall once stood. I […]

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Climb every mountain…

You would not believe the price of Internet cafes the past week, the time I used to type much of this post could buy me five gyros in Greece. So last time I updated this was two countries ago, since then I’ve used another currency and another two languages. Venice was very easy to fall […]

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Under the Tuscan sun

So what have I been doing of late? Melting, really. It sure is warm here. I sadly said goodbye to Rome on Tuesday, after an action-packed Monday which included visits to Circus Maximus, the Pantheon, the Mouth of Truth, general wandering, and sampling the best gelato and a rival to the best coffee (from the […]

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Holier than thou

If you were to visit every church in Rome, one a day, you would need approximately three years to see them all. I love stats, and that’s a pretty good one. Churches definitely are everywhere, as are priests, nuns, pizza shops and… tourists. I have never seen so many tourists in my life, and I’ve […]

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The Olympic Factory… and the medical kind

Where do I start? I suppose at the beginning. I left Santorini on Monday night on the overnight ferry, which was packed to the rafters. Somehow managed to snag a seat inside for the ride, along with a girl from the hostel that I was with. It’s never good when you realise after talking to […]

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Sufficiently relaxed

I have no idea how, but a week has already gone by and tonight I leave Santorini. Yes, tonight – I’ve decided to brave two overnight ferries in three days, I must be mad. There isn’t much to report, except for the fact that this little bunny wasn’t on the cruise ship that sank just […]

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It’s all Greek to me…

I’m staring out the window and all I can see are cafes, mountains, black sand, Americans and scooters. I’m in Perissa Beach in Santorini, taking a holiday from my holiday. Santorini is everything I expected and more. Everyone warned me that it would be really quiet here as it’s out of season, but it seems […]

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Well, I’ve made a long journey from Milan to… Naples… to Athens…

If I ever see a ferry again for the rest of my life it will be too soon. However, I’ll be boarding another one for Santorini in thirty-six hours, so I’m quickly going to have to recover from my Ferry Experience. I suppose I must start at the beginning. This little story begins in a […]

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