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Oxford, and reflections on the UK

Do you know that scene in Bridget Jones, the first one, where Bridget loses her scarf in the wind on the way to her mini-break with Daniel Cleaver, and she walks into the hotel with her hair looking like a bird’s nest? Well, that’s along the lines of what I currently look like, after a […]

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Guess where I now want to go to uni…

Well, I have hit the jackpot as my hostel in Oxford has free unlimited Internet. So I’ve put some photos up of the last week or so. I’ll try to add the rest to Facebook tomorrow. I left Liverpool early this morning after feasting on my roast chicken and veggies last night. I ate it […]

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Mad-Chester and Beatle-Mania

Much happier now. Didn’t really like Glasgow at all but happy to say that I’m not sworn off all leading cities in the Industrial Revolution, as I loved Manchester! I couldn’t get out of Glasgow fast enough, and I even spent half my time there in the library. Did enjoy the museum though, which explored […]

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Kilts, Bagpipes and Haggis

I’ve arrived now in Glasgow and the reason why I haven’t blogged for a while is the COST. I’m so sick of it, I am hoping and praying that it won’t be like this in Europe. As Jerry Seinfeld says about airports, “twelve dollars for a sandwich, we think that’s about right”, the same goes […]

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Chilly (and far away) Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

After two weeks of hostels its nice to have my own room and be sitting here with a high-speed Internet connection. I’m staying with my friend Tregan who I’ve known for years from school who lives here in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, the most far away place in the world. I thought it was cold in London, but […]

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I’m in London, Still…

OK now I’ve run out of songs with the word ‘London’ in them. It’s been a couple of days since I’ve updated this and I’m bushwhacked! It has been absolutely freezing here (except today, really) and the rain has only just stopped. We’ve altered our itinerary slightly but have been able to see most of […]

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London Calling!

I know that it’s not a very original title but I couldn’t resist. Arrived in London yesterday after a very long subway ride to Narita, yucky flight with British Airways, followed by a tube ride to my hostel in Swiss Cottage (my ’boutique’ hostel, now there’s an oxymoron). I calculated that I had been up […]

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Tokyo 1964

Well, my first impression was – I’m not impressed. It took me six trains to get to the Tokyo National Stadium, and when I did, it looked like it hadn’t changed since 1964. It was in the middle of an extremely poor neighbourhood, and even though it was in the middle of the sporting area, […]

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The Real Japan

Yep this sure is my third post in three days – just you wait I will get tired of this blog thing soon. Today I decided to get out of the big smoke and chose at the last minute to go to Hakone – a touristy town close to Mount Fuji. Obviously I wanted to […]

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Tokyo: The Old, The New, and The Crazy

Well, the good news is that I’m starting to get used to Tokyo (and this keyboard). I can now board a train feeling confident that I will reach my destination, something I deemed nigh on impossible after my first night. After feasting on ramen last night, I headed for Ueno Park this morning, which houses […]

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